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About Us

Journey Up designs a series of visits and lectures by the most relevant speakers in The Netherlands

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What do we do?

Journey Up designs your program on the basis of the learning needs of the participants, a series of visits and lectures by the most relevant speakers in each field, combined with cultural excursions throughout The Netherlands.

Why do we do what we do?

We believe in the huge potential of The Netherlands as a melting-pot-destination that shares knowledge, experience and best practices amongst different stakeholders on a certain topic. Connecting and inspiring people with the same interests is our main goal.

How do we do it?

Because we know that every need is different, we offer a 100% customised programme that can inspire and solve business issues and student’s infinite curiosity for knowledge. A journey that starts from a cultural and historical foundation to the current innovations that define the Dutch culture.

Journey Up has an extensive global network consisting of distinguished leaders from MNO’s, SME’s, NGOs and governmental organisations as well as Deans, Directors and Faculty from top Business Schools and Universities.


Combining Academia and business 

The speakers are generally academics who’s work in business bring a more practical experience to the lectures.

Our Team

We Work With Very Creative People


Jaime Garrido

Ana Castan

Ana Castan

Environmental Expertise
10:00 - 12:00 hrs 
Visita guiada museo Van Gogh (2 horas) - 220€ + entradas (21€ por persona, 0€ menores de 18 años)

Almuerzo libre

18:00 - 20:00 hrs
Tour a pie de Anna Frank (2 horas) y entradas para visita por vuestra cuenta después - 220€ + entradas (16€ por persona adultos, 9€ menores de 17 años)

Maria Moraleda

Communications Specialist

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