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Science & Technology

The Netherlands has cultivated an exceptional ecosystem for disruptive innovation and development in high-tech and science, talented information technology workers, and aspiring entrepreneurship.

The Dutch government spends more than €4.5 billion on science every year. Dutch scientific research ranks among the best in the world and the government is taking measures to keep it at the top. It also wants scientific research to address the challenges facing society and industry.

Amsterdam, or the startup capital of Europe, is a magnet for tech-savvy talent and growth, Eindhoven has “the smartest square kilometre in Europe” and Delft is home to the country’s largest tech university – Delft University of Technology.

An answer to a question frequently leads to a further question, so that the quest continues and one discovery paves the way for the next. In this way, curiosity
and wonder bring scientific renewal and breakthroughs, which contribute to social and economic progress.

Science seeks answers to current questions, but also ensures the growth of knowledge, so that we remain prepared for future challenges.

The Dutch startup ecosystem spreads out from the south to its very north and its scientific and tech achievements can undoubtedly surpass those of the current high-tech backbone.

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