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Sustainable Holland

For many years, Holland has led the world in new innovations and policies that strive to increase sustainability. Through combined efforts in transportation, energy and industry, the Netherlands’ sustainable infrastructure serves to reduce the country’s carbon footprint.


Innovation soars in many sectors, but the Dutch continue to lead in sustainable transportation initiatives. Each day, Holland moves millions of people and goods through systems designed to have a lesser impact on the environment. Home to Europe’s largest port, Port of Rotterdam, the second-best connected airport in the world, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and a population of over 17 million, the Netherlands’ transportation infrastructure is robust. Through public and private partnerships and government initiatives, Holland has implemented some of the world’s most sustainable modes of transport.

Sustainable Energy Technology

A transition to a society based Sustainable Energy is necessary to be self-sufficient, meet the growing global demand for energy, and address the threat of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions. This transition will require fundamental innovations affecting the world’s energy landscape.

Sustainable Energy Technology profiles

Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Biomass Energy, Power, Storage, Economics & Society

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